Library Card release new single Cognitive Dissonance

Library Card release new single Cognitive Dissonance

Expressive yet thoughtful, abrasive yet melodious, explosive yet introvert: Rotterdam’s Library Card are a band of contrasts. Today, the 4-piece release their new single "Cognitive Dissonance", a pummelling 3 minute assault on the senses, restlessly fluctuating from angular post-punk to fast-paced garage.

Spearheaded by Lot van Teylingen, whose spoken word alternates between sardonic and sincere in a matter of seconds, Library Card leave room for their respective band members to showcase themselves equally, from Emre Karayalçin’s unorthodox eye-catching rhythms to Kat Kalkman’s driving bass lines and Mitchell Quitz’s seemingly shape-shifting guitar performances.

Speaking on the release of new single "Cognitive Dissonance", the band said:

“Existence itself is erratic and inconsistent, life cannot be lived in a flawless manner. We can try as hard as we want to be compassionate, empathetic and accepting of the things we fear but there will always be a part of us flirting with being selfish, jealous or vengeful. To accept this duality is to accept our own humanity."

Library Card formed in the summer of 2021, drawing inspiration from Detroit post-punks Protomartyr, cult Glaswegian art-rockers Life Without Buildings and the poetry of Anne Clark - to name but three of their eclectic influences - it's not too far-fetched to suggest that the uncertain period of time in which they formed has intrinsically latched itself to the band’s urgent, propulsive songwriting.

A tight-knit unit of four entirely different characters, to call each of Library Card's band members a cog in a machine would do a disservice to Library their humane outlook on what being in a band means, but it’s simply impossible to elevate one element of their spellbinding songs above another.

The band's live show has seen their stocks rise quicker than most. Within months of their debut live performance, the band were invited to support Sports Team in a 2000 capacity hall in Utrecht. Since then, Library Card have broadened their horizons playing shows across Europe in Germany, France, Austria and the Czech Republic, played the closing set at Rotterdam’s infamous showcase festival Left of the Dial and supported other notable acts including Osees, Just Mustard and Kills Birds, as well as playing numerous tastemaker festival slots alongside Jockstrap, DEADLETTER, A Place To Bury Strangers, The Beths and cumgirl8 to name but a few.

With only two previously released singles to their name until now, the fidgeting assessment of fast-paced modern life "Sunflowers", and ferocious live staple "Mirror Factory", Library Card will deliver their first body of work in 2024.

Library Card are: Lot van Teylingen (they/them) - vocals, Mitchell Quitz (he/him) - guitar, Kat Kalkman (they/them) - bass, Emre Karayalçin (they/them) - drums

Library Card's new single "Cognitive Dissonance" is out now via AT EASE. Libary Card will release their debut EP in 2024.


11 Nov - Le Guess Who?, Utrecht, NL
24 Nov - Explore The North Festival, Leeuwarden, NL
25 Nov - Vera, Groningen, NL
30 Nov - Peel Slowly and See pre-party, Leiden, NL
6 Dec - Cat’s Cult, Tilburg, NL
15 Dec - Rotown, Rotterdam, NL